Omni Cubed Stealth Seamer

The Automatic Stealth Seamer™ is the ultimate heavy-duty seam setter for joining and leveling stone.

The product’s open design allows you to work on the seam while in use; removal is not needed to apply epoxy or scrape the seam. Seams are easily opened and closed via a smooth-turning knurled roller. The 8″ vacuum cups feature a continuous seal for a reliable hold on heavy stone.

A powerful compact vacuum pump maintains pressure for all cups, and runs on AC power or AA batteries for any install situation. Improved pump technology provides a stronger hold to very textured or porous materials. The 6″ vacuum cups feature a continuous seal, so they won’t lose suction if loss of power occurs.

Omni Cubed Pro Lift Automatic

The Pro-Lift Automatic provides a safer means of stone transportation and installation. It has been designed to reduce physical strain and risk of injury, while increasing productivity and efficiency.
The cart accommodates any size countertop up to 450 Kg. The cart can be used to lower, lift, and roll extremely large pieces around the shop and install location, as well as assist with final countertop placement.


An economicallight and practical solution for the storage and transport of natural and artificial stone, glass or other flat material that needs to stand upright, is fragile and must be protected against scratching.

KGS Hybrid Flap

Fast and precise grinding of all stone materials!

Achilli AFR A Saw

Compact, essential and sturdy saw with fixed bridge; the bridge tilt and the water tank with built-in recycling pump make it suitable for small and large workshops. It is equipped with 2 extension tables to increase stability and facilitate the movement of the workpieces.

Achilli TFR for marble and granite

Maximum stone cutting precision, the machine can mount a diamond blade from 250 to 450mm in diameter. Motorized head feed and cutting depth adjustment. Sturdy frame with the possibility to install pop-up rollers on the worktable for easy slab positioning.

Mitreforma and Integra Adhesives mitre glueing

Simple mitre glueing with Mitreforma and Integra Adhesives!

KGS Red for Construction Sector

Grinding and cutting blades specially developed for construction. Swiss quality at affordable prices!

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